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10 Best attractions in Ontario Canada
Ontario Canada is multiple destinations travel. Nothing more logical for a country of 10 million square kilometers that runs from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And in the middle, shining Ontario economic flagship of the country but also some treasures guard: Toronto neighborhoods, Niagara Falls, the Thousand Islands region … Proof tenfold. 1. Toronto The pedestrian Distillery District in Toronto. Known for its many art galleries, designer boutiques, restaurants and cafes, as well as the many festivals that are scheduled throughout the year, the Distillery District since 1990 has become one of the largest plates Recorded films after Hollywood. 2. The Royal Ontario Museum The “ROM” – for “Royal Ontario Museum” – is devoted to natural history and world civilizations. Nearly six million objects up its various collections, in 30 galleries dedicated to art, archeology and natural science. 3. Toronto Islands This archipelago of 15 islands connected to each other by bridges and located on Lake Ontario just a short boat ride from downtown. 4. CN Tower in Toronto Emblematic of the skyline of Toronto is one of the tallest buildings in the world: 553.33 meters. Four observation levels offer breathtaking panoramas. 5. Niagara falls To view the falls among the most spectacular in the world, cruise, helicopter tours, or a tour behind the falls. 6. Thousand Islands They are actually 1865. The archipelago fleet on the St. Lawrence River on the border between Canada and the United States. Some cruise lines allow you to enjoy a picturesque landscape. 7. Parliament Hill in Ottawa The seat of the Government of Canada is located on a hill overlooking the Rideau Canal. National celebrations are held there throughout the year, and guided tours are organized. 8. Rideau Canal Waterway that connects the cities of Ottawa and Kingston, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In winter, part of the canal that runs through Ottawa becomes a skating rink 7.8 km long, the largest in the world. 9. Algonquin Park Here is the oldest and most famous park in Ontario. It includes a large number of hiking trails and canoe routes, to immerse themselves in nature. 10. Sleeping Giant and Lake Superior Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has 80 km of hiking trails along which marveled at the wildlife and the boreal forest. It also offers stunning views of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes of North America.
Date: 15:15 13/08/2016
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