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10 Best sights and attractions in Mongolia

Mongolia Steppe to infinity, mountains, villages of yurts … the great country opens the doors of another way of being and seeing.

Sleep in a yurt – Mongolian Traditional housing is adapted to the nomadic life. Spend the night in one of these tents is a duty of the visitor.

Orkhon Valley – Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, this valley is named after the river that runs through it, the Orkhon River. It houses sparse pastures and archaeological evidence of the history of the Mongolian peoples settled here since the sixth century.

Karakorum – Located in the Orkhon Valley, this ancient Mongolian city was founded in 1235 by gdei, son of Genghis Khan. It was the capital of the Mongol Empire until 1260.

Ulaanbaatar – Nicknamed “UB” by its inhabitants, the capital of Mongolia collects nearly a third of the population. Many points of interest line the city, including the National Museum of Mongolian History and the Winter Palace of Bogd Khan. Here Parliament. There is a statue of Genghis Khan.

Gobi – It covers almost a third of the area of Mongolia and has many treasures: dinosaur fossils, canyons filled with ice or abandoned monasteries.

Mongolian horses – Mongolians traveling on horseback for thousands of years, this mode of locomotion is part of their culture. The horse rides are a natural way to explore the country.

The national holiday Naadam – Taking place on 11 and 12 July in Ulaanbaatar, this holiday celebrates the independence of Mongolia vis-à-vis China. On this occasion, meetings are organized in four traditional sports: horse racing, wrestling, archery and jet ossicles.

Travelling by train – Another inexpensive way to discover the country, the Transmogolien. It allows a journey of several days through the Mongolian plateau, along the inhabitants.

Khövsgöl Lake – Located in the north of the country, the sacred lake is a natural site that lacks any visitors. Among the activities: horseback riding, kayaking, fishing or trekking.

The Bogd Khan Winter Palace – Located in Ulaanbaatar, this palace is a monument of the most important in Mongolian history. The museum therein discover the political and religious history of the country, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

Date: 15:18 13/08/2016
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