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O’ Canada…O’ Sun Peaks Resort
British Columbia has a little town treasure trove in the form of Sun Peaks Resort only forty five minutes from Kamloops.  Come winters and the family and I eagerly jostle our way to the alpine village which has the resort neatly tucked away in its midst. Wikimedia/Green slash With the barometer reaching -1 in the month of April lug your snowboard up to 2152 meters to reach the peak of Mt. Tod. Covering an expanse of 3,678 acres of terrain, it the third largest ski area in Canada. Sun Peaks Resort has slopes for all levels of snowboarders with 122 runs, the longest being 8 miles.  11 forklifts are at your disposal to take you in and out of the resort directly to the slopes.  An exclusive cleared path has been laid out for ease of accessibility from the resort to the nearby village where you can satisfy the rumbling in your belly with a range of twenty-four different restaurants and cafes to choose from.  Loosen the purse strings a bit in town and take away something thoughtful for your loved ones from the boutiques. Lessons can be taken from the in house training team on how to get started on snowboarding or you can simply ensure that you follow a couple of tips.  Take a soft snowboard which comes up to you chin when put parallel to you.  The conditions here at Sun Peaks are conducive mostly throughout the winter season as the powder is soft which is ideal for beginners.  Due to its location on the interior of British Columbia the harsh wind do not make ice out of the snow easily which ensures less injury is caused while snowboarding.  As the area for snowboarding and skiing is so vast you can avoid the droves of people at the resort enabling you to find a slope with fewer crowds and not being all that steep. Once you get bitten by the Sun Peaks Resort bug you will keep heading back for more. Jessica, Sacramento
Date: 14:53 13/08/2016
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