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Top 10 best sights and exciting in Chile

Chile with strange geography 4300 km long that can go from desert to eternal ice, rows of vines to the most dense forests. Suffice to say that Chile is the country of a thousand trips. That’s excellent news. Proof by ten.

1.Le parc national Lauca

Il fait partie de la réserve nationale Las Vicuñas située au nord du pays et s’étend sur une superficie de 1 378 km². Dominé par le volcan Parinacota, le lac Chungará qui culmine à 4 500 mètres d’altitude en constitue l’attraction principale.

2. The altitude lakes Miscanti and Miñiques

At the foot of two eponymous volcanoes of the Altiplano, these two turquoise lakes contrast with the ocher and yellow landscape of the surrounding desert.

3. The Pan Azucar National Park

This coastal park, straddling the regions of Antofagasta and Atacama, including houses Humboldt penguin colonies, sea otters and sea lions with manes.

4. The geysers of El Tatio in Atacama Desert

At 4200 meters, the 80 geysers of El Tatio in Atacama Desert, offer early morning a show of rare beauty.

5. The Salar de Atacama

Not far from San Pedro de Atacama, the salt lagoon of 3,000 km² is a wonder of the Chilean kind.

6. National parks and Huerquehue Villarrica

Between Araucaria forests and emerald green lakes, these two parks are home to rare wildlife, some species are endangered, such as the peregrine falcon. They are dominated by the Villarrica volcano, high 2847 meters.

7. The Rapa Nui National Park

Easter Island fleet to 3 700 km coast of Chile, in the Pacific Ocean. National Park brings together 300 of the 800 Moais these colossal statues erected facing off on the island. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

8. The Robinson Crusoe Island

It is the main island of the Juan Fernández archipelago. A 667 km from the coast, it served as a hideout for pirates and corsairs. The Scottish Alejandro Selkirk browser it was abandoned for four years in the eighteenth century and his story inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe.

9. The National Park Torres del Paine

Ideal for hiking, the park in southern Chile is located between the Andes and the Patagonian steppe. The main attraction of Torres del Paine, are the granite formations shaped towers, emblematic of the massif.

10. The southern wild beaches

The south has many kinds and wild beaches, lined with large forests, as here in Chile.

Date: 14:57 13/08/2016
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