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Top 10 exciting destinations in Thailand
If you are familiar with the traditional attractions such as the Royal Palace in Thailand, Golden Buddha Temple, Tiffany show or cultural village Nong Noochº, TravelMaz will provide an additional 10 exciting destinations below and surprise you can not miss while in the land of the Golden temple. Erawan Museum Erawan Museum in Bangkok is one of the many attractions tourists frequently visit. Most prominent is the first statue of the great elephant 3 29m and 39m long. Since the start time to complete the museum took almost 10 years. Inside the museum exhibits a lot of artifacts related to the history of Thailand, the Asian countries, the antiquities of Buddhism and Hinduism. The main lobby with unique stained glass ceiling, and sometimes up to the top floor will surprise guests with cosmic scene in sight. Ancient City Park was built in the model of Thai miniature country, has more than 115 works in a wide area of about 97ha. In particular, many original works to be taken up again here. Muang Boran fully recreate the culture and architecture of Thailand. This is a special park gives you a panoramic overview of the country and is home to the Golden Temple kept golden past of Thai ethnicity. Asiatique Asiatique is one of the busiest shopping districts and famous along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, very convenient for tourists to stroll and shop at night. Suan Lum After closing in 2011, Asiatique has become a leading tourist attraction in Bangkok. Asiatique sprawling overwhelmed, especially the night market with 1,500 shops, dozens of restaurants from affordable luxury to serve the needs of tourists. Snow Town This is a combination parks, restaurants, shopping themed first snowfall largest in Bangkok and South East Asia with an area of over 3,000m2. Snow Town are decorated in European style and covered with artificial snow from 30cm to 40cm thickness. Guests can participate in games such as skiing, snowboarding, snowball … maybe even snow into the house to feel cold air. Show Muay Thai Thai tourists to visit the show Muay Thai to witness the traditional Thai martial arts matches fascinating challenge with spectacular performances and beautiful. Besides, this show also recounts the origins of Muay Thai martial art with 300 years of history. Thai boxers will reappear heroic characters from Tiger King (King Phrachao Sua) to the brave warriors performing on stage in a lively, authentic. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market About 100 kilometers from Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak floating market is one of the oldest in Thailand. Coming here, tourists can take a cruise a long tradition of Thailand to explore and admire the bustling trading takes place on the canal. Visitors can buy all sorts of goods from a boat on the shore and bottom with a pole put up the money and transfer of goods for sale to visitors. Rowers deftly makes boats dodging each other quickly. After the boat docked, visitors are free to shop at the market. Wat Phra Yai temple Temple situated atop the hill Pratumnak, between Pattaya and Jomtien beaches. Guests will not be oblivious to the giant Golden Buddha statue 18 meters high, at a height of nearly 100 meters over sea level and is considered a sacred religious symbol of the people here. From this prime location looks away will see the entire city and the coastline ravishing. Around the giant Buddha statues there are many other small objects is equally majestic and superficial world. It is not only the locals venerate, worship regularly to pray, but also to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year pilgrimage. Santorini Park Cha-am (Hua Hin) This is entertainment complexes modern hotel has been inaugurated in Hua Hin with the architecture is developed based on inspiration from the beautiful island of Santorini Greece. Every little corner between the houses, each window or each wall are decorated spontaneously and is full of art. The diverse designs that still unified decorative style based on Santorini archipelago. Sanctuary of Truth Built in 1981, until now the temple is not really complete because there are expanding and has no plans to stop. The entire temple was built with no nails teak wood, with unique sculptural style, so it requires precision almost absolute. All doors, main column, convertible roofs are decorative floral motifs. The temple has four sides represent the four major cultures: Thailand, Cambodia, India and China. In particular, the campus of the temple venue performances of Thai traditional dances for tourists. The ancient capital of Ayutthaya Discover the ancient city of Ayutthaya populations will be exciting journey takes visitors to admire the very distinct features ancient Thailand. Ayutthaya is a UNESCO world cultural heritage with cultural structures, religion is the gentle side of the Chao Phraya river beautiful. Discover Pangpain palace designed for royal unique, with artistic masterpieces East – West combined. In addition, tourists can visit Wat Mahathat with ancient architecture, mysterious beauty with Buddha statue in the roots and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet – church remains where the first three kings of Thailand Rolling.
Date: 14:51 13/08/2016
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